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Please note: If you are under 18 you are required to be represented by your legal guardian. If you are a legal guardian representing a minor, a small credit card payment will be required to verify your identity.

Firstly, are you (or the minor you are representing) seeking work as an actor, an extra or both? Please select actor, extra or both options below.
Please enter your first name if you are creating a talent profile for yourself or the first name of the minor you are creating a profile on behalf of.

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Please enter your surname if you are creating a talent profile for yourself or the surname of the minor you are creating a profile on behalf of.

Please note: The first name and only the first letter of the surname will be displayed publicly.
Please enter your date of birth, or the date of birth of the minor you are representing.

Representing a minor (under 18) at Actors and Extras

It is possible for a legal guardian to register a talent profile on behalf of a minor (under the age of 18). However, as the legal guardian of a minor, you are required to operate the account on behalf of the minor, ensuring that:

- The minor is supervised while using the website

- All communication between industry members and the minor is represented and handled by the legal guardian

- All images of the minor uploaded are not of an inappropriate or adult nature

- The email address of the legal guardian is used in the registration process and maintained until the minor is over the age of 18

- You have read and agree to all Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions relating to the use of Actors and Extras and the Privacy Policy regarding the gathering of information of a minor for the purposes of creating a talent profile

Please complete the form below to act as a representative for the minor creating an actor or extra profile. Please note that you will be required to make a small credit card transaction with a credit card in your name as a form of identity verification.

Please enter the email address of the legal guardian that will be used to receive all correspondence from Actors and Extras. The email address entered here must match the profile email address entered below.

Credit card transaction for ID verification purposes

As the legal guardian of the minor registering a talent profile, please complete the credit card transaction below to verify your identity. This is not payment for the use of the Actors and Extras service, but a simple form of identity verification to link to your profile as an adult representing a minor. Please note that the credit card used must be held by the legal guardian representing the minor.

1 x payment for ID Verification purposes USD $ 2.00

Please enter the name of the largest town or city that you are located closest to and are happy to travel to for work.

Please note: For privacy and security reasons do not include your street or actual address as the location entered will be directly visible on your profile.
Please indicate whether you (or the minor you are acting as a representative for) already have an agent or management by selecting yes or no below. If you select yes, you will then have the option of entering your agent’s or management's contact details, which will then be visible in your profile to registered industry members.

Would you like casting agents and production personnel to contact you directly regarding prospective acting or extra work opportunities, or would you prefer all enquiries to go directly to your agent or management?
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Please upload photos to your profile. A headshot is the minimum photo requirement for your profile to appear in search results on the database. Ideally, to attract more interest in your profile your headshot should be taken by a professional headshot photographer. Please see our photo guidelines if you do not yet have a professional headshot or are in the process of obtaining one. Please note no agent or direct contact details are allowed on your photos. File Upload – 1 image (minimum size 500 pixels on one side)
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It is possible to supply further photos to display on your profile including full length and waist up shots, along with other shots that may show character diversity. File Upload – up to 6 images (minimum size 500 pixels on one side)
Do you have any special, skills, talents or abilities that may give you an advantage in landing a role? Examples may include being able to sing, dance, play guitar, speak French, ride a motorbike. Please add any special skills or talents you may have in the fields below eg. I can sing, I can dance
List your previous acting or extra experience and credits. Include any experience you have had in either amateur or professional productions. If your experience is extensive choose the ten most important roles you have had in the last five years.

Note: Please do not include your surname, email, phone or any alternate web/ social media contact details in this section.
please include any training, education or short courses you may have completed.
Say Hello! This is the intro to your profile page. Use this section to briefly summarise who you are, what you have done and what you are looking for. For example “Hi my name is Jane and I am seeking work as an actor or extra for screen or stage productions. I have had some training and experience in small roles for amateur stage productions. I am based in Newcastle, but happy to travel to Sydney.”